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Lauren Dowling training in the gym
Hi! I’m Lauren…

I’m a personal trainer & transformation coach based in Milton Keynes and I love my job! After transforming my own body and confidence over a period of 5 years, I decided to make my passion my job- helping women make their own personal transformations through exercise and nutrition. I train for confidence, health, enjoyment, self esteem, sexiness  and happiness. I teach because I want others to enjoy and feel these same benefits. I specialise in training women who want to achieve fat loss, muscle growth or have specific body recomposition goals.

My Philosophy

My philosophy combines education with instruction because what you do outside the gym is just as important as what you do inside! I provide clients with a framework to help you to maintain long lasting results rather than a short term fix , you will learn how to nourish your body and how to make training an enjoyable and sustainable part of your life.



Double Trouble March Promotion
Double Trouble

Train with a friend for twice the fun and half the cost! Split the price of one single personal training session. Sessions must be booked in advance. Fill out an enquiry form to book a consultation for you and your friend.



Training with Lauren was fun because she always creates a fun lighthearted atmosphere where working out wasn’t  a chore, it may be hard during the sets but after your cheery and ready for the next challenge. She’s always motivating and pushing you to go further which is great! During my time with her I’ve learnt so much from her. I’ve lost weight, lost inches off my waist, gained strength in my arms and can now use my whole body to work out and train different muscles. (*)
Lauren really is a brilliant trainer. Lauren is very well balanced and motivational and i feel very relaxed training with her.Lauren makes each workout challenging and motivates me to take that extra step. Lauren has taken the time to find out exactly what i want to achieve and with my individualised nutrition plan and gym sessions I’m really seeing a change, she knows exactly what i want! (*)
I’ve trained with a couple of PTs before and never got on with their style however Lauren’s was perfect for me, it is structured and organised but also so much fun, I’m sure I had a laughing fit every session! Lauren has given me so much confidence in the gym, especially the weights section which used to terrify me. She also had the patience of a saint, I would always say “I can’t do it” when it was something new and Lauren quickly worked out that it was just due to my lack of confidence so would break it down into smaller steps and guide me through the exercise explaining everything along the way until I felt comfortable. I would 100% recommend Lauren! (*)
My experience with Lauren has been amazing. You literally only have to tell her what your aim is and she will create a plan that will give you that result quickly and healthily. What differs her from other personal trainers is that she will always be checking up on you motivating you, listening to what you are finding difficult and creating new plans to help you. She is fun and kind hearted. Her training has made me see results in 6 weeks. I would be messaging her like 30 times a day and she would always be there supporting me and keeping me motivated. To me, she is the best PT. (*)

*Results may vary, results are dependant on the persons participation & dedication to the programme and diet plan – results are not guaranteed!


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