Can fitness bring you happiness? The trouble with the ‘perfect’ body

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Deciding what to post for International Happiness Day yesterday got me thinking… what is happiness to me? Over the years I have struggled with what happiness is, what it looks and actually feels like. For me, happiness for many years was the end goal and what I strived for but it was always in the future or in the past. I would think things like… “I was so happy when it was like this…” or “I will be really happy when I look like this”. Like many women, striving for a better body was one of the things I had highlighted as something that would make me so much happier. This is encouraged through relentless media advertising and body shaming on social media. I was victim to it just like everyone else. I believed being skinnier, being thicker, having a bigger bum, having abs, having a thigh gap, not having a thigh gap, were the answer to happiness. Goals were continuously set, achieved and passed but I never felt the divine happiness I was expecting. People would compliment me on my body but I didn’t see what they saw. I just saw what more I needed to change. Instead I would set myself a new goal in the hope that when I achieved it I would finally feel happy. Don’t get me wrong, for the majority of the time I didn’t feel unhappy, I still enjoyed my life. Although there were periods of time when I definitely felt unhappy, most of the time I just felt incomplete, under accomplished or lacking that extra glow I would see in other people. I placed most of the blame on what I looked like. There were times that striving for my fitness goals became destructive in other areas of my life. It honestly became an obsession to the point that it was actually making me unhappier. I’m not saying that striving for a better body is a bad thing and that it shouldn’t be one of your goals, it is great for improving confidence and self [...]