You’ve got the dress, the cake, the venue, the bouquet, the photographer…everything’s in place for the biggest day of your life! However between the stress of planning your dream day and going about your day to day life you neglected one tiny detail…getting into the dress and looking your best! With photos that will last a lifetime and everyone looking at you the pressure really is on brides to look their best but more importantly, you want to feel at your absolute best and most beautiful on you & your partner’s big day. Here are the 5 biggest wedding diet mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

1) Leaving it too late!

We’ve all been there. You say you’ll start your diet on Monday, a stressful Monday comes round and when you get home you and your fiance decide a curry is in order because you deserve a treat! You feel so guilty about ruining the week you decide to wait until next week and start all over again! Before you know it you’ve got 8 weeks left until the wedding and you are very far away from your goal. People tend to underestimate how long it takes them to lose fat. It takes longer than you think to healthily lose body fat and it takes even longer if you want to build muscle to get that perky bum or a nice toned tummy. A healthy amount of weight to lose per week is approximately  1-2lb, which translates to around 1% body fat per month. It is far better to do it slowly and keep the weight off.

Recommendation: Plan your diet start date so you have enough time! Work out at a loss rate of 0.5lb per week and see how many weeks that leaves you. This is a healthy rate of loss and also allows for minor slip ups and social events where you are likely to relax your diet a little.

2) Focusing on cardio

A lot of women think that to lose fat then they key is to do hours of cardio to sweat off all the fat. This is actually not the case. Resistance training is far more effective at stripping the fat and also is beneficial as you build nice, strong curves in the process. Studies have demonstrated that after a weight training session, your metabolism can be boosted for up to 36 hours whereas with cardio training, although you may burn an additional 40-80 calories during the session you would not get the benefit of the calories burnt in the hours after training, the benefits stop as soon as you stop.

Recommendation: Incorporate 2-3 resistance training into your workout plan. If you are new to training you are better to hit all muscles on the same day or if you have a little more gym experience you could alternate leg day, back day and so on. If you enjoy doing cardio then continue to do this, but don’t let this take the place of your resistance sessions.

3) Restricting calories too much and going ‘low fat’ or ‘low carb’

The media and Social Media first led us to believe that a low fat diet was the way to go when attacking the fat and in recent years low carb has been in the spotlight as the most effective way to lose weight. So which to go for? The answer- neither! Countless research papers have shown that neither going low fat or low carb helps speed up fat loss. I have also seen recommendations for women to go as low as 1200 calories when dieting, this is also incorrect and could potentially be very damaging to your body and in the long run and actually cause you to gain more weight when you come off such a strict plan. Maintaining a moderate calorie deficit is the only way to safely lose weight and how you do this is up to you. The one thing both approaches do agree on is that high protein is key to achieving effective fat loss. This is true and also a very effective way to beat hunger whilst also providing the building blocks to build muscle and therefore create a sexier silhouette.

Recommendation: Use a calorie calculator such as IIFYM to calculate your recommended calories to lose 1-2lb per week (0.5lb of this being fat)  and make sure you start with enough time to reach your goal. Eat 0.8-1.5g of protein per 1lb of body weight and the rest of the calories are up to you.

4) Going it alone

One mistake that a lot of people make is trying to diet alone or without the support of loved ones. If they don’t know you have a goal in mind people are more likely to try to tempt you with Friday night takeaways or bottles of wine in the evening, making it even harder to stick to your plan. Getting the support of your fiance, bridesmaids and family will make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Recommendation: Get your bridesmaids involved in your training and your fiance involved with your diet and meal prep or vice versa! If you need further support employing a Personal Trainer can take a lot of the stress out of planning your training and diet, whether you just get a tailored nutrition plan and training plan or take sessions with them, it’s their job to know what’s best for you and keep you on track.

5) Not having a plan for after the wedding is over

You’ve prepped all your meals for months, put in the blood, sweat and tears in over the last few months to lose the fat and you’ve created a body shape you are proud of blowing everyone away in your wedding dress…time to order a chinese!? The biggest mistake that people make when coming off a diet is going straight back to old habits and not having an exit plan. Why put in all that hard work just to go back to the way you were before. 80% people go back to their original weight after losing the fat because they go back to hold eating habits and stop working out. This is another reason a very low carb diet is not recommended especially if going on honeymoon straight away, because you go from very little carbs to eating and drinking alcohol (which is high in carbs) all day and so your body rebounds and gains weight back very quickly.

Recommendation: Having a maintenance plan for after the wedding and honeymoon is key, embrace healthier habits and keep track of your weight bi-weekly to nip gains in the bud before they get out of control. Implement a balances 80% healthy/ 20% naughty plan to stay slim after the big day. One tip i swear by is ordering a healthy online food shop to arrive the day I get back from a holiday so that I have no excuse but to get back straight back into good habits the day I get back.

Dieting is never easy, but with a good plan, the right support and enough time anyone can look amazing walking down the aisle, in wedding lingerie and for years to come after that! I offer a variety of wedding personal training packages to help whip you into shape for the big day. You can find these at