What does my free trial & consultation involve?

A free trial and consultation involves 40 minutes discussing your training and diet history, your training goals and any medical conditions or personal barriers you may have to nutrition or training. If suitable we will then proceed to a brief 20 minute taster session in your preferred location (gym or home).

How long does it take to see results?

The time it takes to see results completely depends on a number of factors including how far you are from your goal, how much effort you put into training and how honest you are with me/yourself with the diet plan. These plans are created to achieve results that are long lasted rather than a quick fix so I will never promise a client that they will reach their long term goal in a matter weeks, losing fat and building muscle takes time. All programmes are tailor made to your goal so that we can work together to break your large goal into a number of manageable and measurable short term goals so that you continually see results throughout the process.

I already take part in activities that I enjoy, will this plan allow me to continue with these activities?

Yes, of course! It’s great that you are already doing an activity that you enjoy. We can include this into your programme if you let me know beforehand.

I am a vegetarian, do you provide diet plans for me that would work with the programme?

Yes I do provide diet plans for vegetarians, however better results are seen by those who eat meat.

How can I pay for training?

There are a number of ways to pay for training. You can pay for a package upfront or can pay over time via direct debit.