I think it is important to share my personal journey because I want anyone who has made it to this page to know I know what it’s like to start a diet and exercise programme when you don’t feel great about your body. Some people may already be in great shape and just be looking to make minor changes to their physique but some may be about to embark on a bigger journey. I know how daunting it is when you look in the mirror and see how much work you have ahead and how far you are away from your goals. Many people told me I can’t achieve the body I desired naturally because of my genetics, they said I wouldn’t be able to substantially slim my waist and grow my glutes but my progress pictures prove them wrong. I want all girls to know that any goal is achievable once you make the decision in your mind that you want it above anything else and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. I am here to provide the knowledge, the motivation and the support to help make you dream body a reality. Read my full story here

Fitness was not a part of my lifestyle as a child, however I was always very slim up to the age of 18. I put this down to walking to school and only eating when I was hungry, which was often rarely but big portion sizes when I did. When I left school I worked as a receptionist so my mealtimes became regulated and I was eating calorie dense restaurant food for basically every meal.

Couple  this with being sat down all day everyday and I had piled on a couple of stone within a few months. I started to go to the gym. I would do an hour of slow paced cardio in the hotel gym in an effort to shift the weight as this was all I knew how to do, however it had little effect. I started to panic and I began to research diets and decided to cut my calories down to 1200 a day which seemed to be the internet’s standardised number of calories for dieting for women. As time went on I still wasn’t seeing the changes in my body I had hoped for, I frantically decided the best thing to do was to increase my workout time and decrease my calories. At one stage I was doing cardio for 3 hours a day and eating just 500 calories per day, I even tried fasting for a whole week!

At my lowest point, aged around 21 and now at uni it had become a daily obsession. My weight fluctuated up and down near enough everyday. I would gain and lose the same half a stone every couple of weeks. I struggled to understand how I was achieving so little yet putting so much effort in. There were some days I would eat so much and make myself sick because I regretted it. I wanted to achieve my goals so badly but I was so lost I was self-destructing.  My confidence was very low, there were times I refused to go out with friends because I felt so self conscious. I literally hated my body.

Jumping ahead 3-4 years, in this time I had learnt a fair bit about training and nutrition on the internet, but I still hadn’t reached my goal. I had dabbled in every diet under the sun, but because of the severe restriction I would give up and try something new after 2 weeks if I hadn’t seen dramatic changes I was hoping for. The more I learnt about training, the more relaxed I became and once I found weight lifting and began to eat a lot more I started to see the positive changes in my body I was looking for. I accepted guidance from friends who knew how to train and I learnt to not be afraid of food and that eating a lot was important in order to nourish your body so it can make positive changes. Once I started to see these positive and relax my attitude I grew as a person and my body shape started to change.

At the age of 25 I had finally reached a place where I loved my body, felt sexy and my confidence was at it’s highest. I was happy with my reflection but also with the person I was becoming. It was at this point I decided that I could not let all the knowledge and skills I had learnt along the journey go to waste! I took my Personal Training courses and as my knowledge continued to grow  I realised that some of the information I had read online and thought to be true was very wrong. I continue to develop my knowledge as a trainer everyday through more credible sources and my body and my confidence is still growing and developing for the better each day because of this.

I was only ever a couple of stone over my goal weight, I was never actually classified as overweight, however it was enough to deeply affect my confidence, mood and happiness. I believe everything happens for a reason and that pain and struggle are the best catalysts for growth. I truly believe my purpose is to help women  find their confidence, their strength and ultimately achieve peace, contentment and happiness. Fitness and nutrition isn’t the only important thing but it’s a great starting point for anyone to make positive change in their and through it I have learnt some amazing life lessons.

I aim for all my clients to believe these three statements to be true for themselves:

I am beautiful always no matter what my shape is.

Confidence is sexy.

It’s Okay to love yourself.