So every Sunday morning before Bikini Booty Bootcamp I like to have a big breakfast and recently it’s been Sweet Potato Pancakes! Some of my clients can’t get there head round Sweet Potato for breakfast but they are actually delicious and you can’t taste that it is Sweet Potato, it just gives it a nice fluffy texture that you sometimes don’t get with Protein Pancakes. This was quite a high calorie breakfast because I don’t eat again until lunch time as I am busy with Bootycamp, but also they are only  so high because I had so many toppings on them! The pancakes themselves are only around 450 kcals with 20g protein. This recipe would be great for someone trying to add a little size.

Here is the recipe for 3/4 pancakes (macros below):

125g Sweet Potato

1 scoop protein (I use Huel as it is Vegan and does not contain dairy)

1 whole egg

3 drops MyProtein Stevia Flavdrops

50ml milk (I use Oat milk)

1 tbsp coconut oil

And then your choice of toppings! I use Sweet Freedom Chocolate Syrup, Peanut Butter and Zero Calorie Maple Syrup from MyProtein and then I just pan fried some apple in the syrup whilst the pancakes were cooking!


  1. Microwave the sweet potato then scrape it out the skin and mash
  2. Mix in the egg, milk and Flavdrops with the sweet potato
  3. Put coconut oil in the pan
  4. Make into pancakes (the smaller you do the easier they are to flip I have found out!)


Macros (without toppings)

450kcals, 50g carbs, 22g fat, 26g protein

Macros (including toppings) 

857 kcals, 90g carbs, 41g fat, 33g protein